Venture Airways

Hello all, as I have recently upgraded in Trust Level, I present you my VA I’ve been working on for a long time. Venture Airways.

Venture Airways is a Low-Cost airline based out of the SoCal region, we currently have opened our headquarters at the San Diego International Airport (KSAN), and have a second hub in Palm Springs (KPSP) (A.K.A. This is to avoid the crowded airports and yet get to the same places, sort of like Ryanair flying to Stanstead instead of Heathrow, however this will be more affective when global comes out.

Currently we operate the following Aircraft

All are in Generic Livery

Cessna Citation X
Embraer 170
Airbus A320-200
Airbus A321-200
Airbus A380-800
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 777-200ER
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 787-8
Boeing 787-9

Like Most Airlines we use a scale, You join as a CAT 1 pilot and fly the E170 or the Cessna Citation X then after you recieve 10 hours on a CAT 1 plane you can apply for CAT 2 training, in which you will be able to chose the Airbus 320 series. Then after you have 40 hours on CAT 2 you will be able to apply for CAT 3 training to fly the 777 on scenic flights, tours, and high density routes (it will be more used once global comes out)

We will have simple routes at first in the SoCal, SoFlo, Caribbean, NorCal, and Hawaiian Regions, between the major airports, and charter flights on the minor ones (by the Citations mostly)

Applications are aviable on the website, and you will also be able to file flight plans, train, get manuals, and choose assigned flights from a database on the website, by the airline. Thank You more info will be on the website, please consider, and I hope you have a great day.

From, Plane 6

CEO, Venture Airlines and the Venture Travel Organization

The website and link will be up soon, please PM if interested.

Executive Positions:

CEO: @Plane6
VP: @TheCuriousPilot
Organization Head: @themasterpilot
Route Manager: @Plane6 @TheCuriousPilot
Website Staff:

  1. @Plane6
  2. @Bluepanda900
    Recruiting/Application Staff:
  3. @Plane6
    Cat 1 Training Head:
    Cat 2 Training Head:
    Cat 3 Training Head: @Plane6
    Codeshare Manager: @Giacomo_Lawrance


  1. @Plane6

Our New Subsidiary Has been founded Today:

Great Mountain Air (Website Will be up Soon)

Bombardier Dash-8 Q400
Cessna 208 Caravan

Operates from L35 (Big Bear) to Major and Minor airports in SoCal. Basically Ventures Airways’s regional service. Pilots welcome.


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Good luck!


Thanks @anon45516261


You are very welcome


Hi would you consider possible working at my VA?


I would also like to be partners with your airline to establish it in the Known IFVA world.

Thanks, Plane6

CEO, Venture Airways


Definitely would want to be a partner


Ok I’ll add it to the website


The website is now under Construction and should be done soon


Good luck from United Virtual!


Thankyou very much would you like to be partners.

Current List Includes:

Air Austral VA
Asiana IFVA


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Sorry, but we’re partnering with Star Alliance soon.

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Alright sounds good.

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I can do website work if it’s on Weebly.

Ok sounds good with me you can build a website for Weebly I’ve built one for wix but It would be good if one was on weebly too.



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Wait, you want 2 websites?

That, or you could work on the wix one and edit it with me.

Probably just edit the wix one. I’m not as good at wix, but I still know it.

Alright then I’ll set it up where you can edit the website, I just posted a link.

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