Venture Airways IFVA Landing Competition @ TNCM - 181700ZSEP16

Hello everyone and I’m hear to spread the word about my new VA, Venture Airways, so in its honor we have announced our first event we will perform the event as follows:

When: September 18, 2016 (CST)
When: 12:00 PM Central Standard Time (17:00 zulu)
Server: Casual
Where: Saint Maarten Princess Juliana International Airport
In What: Any Venture Aircraft in the Generic Livery…
(Cessna Citation X, E170, 737-800, A320, A321, 757, 777-200ER)
Flight Plan:

Any Waypoint Route Stay close by to the lead aircraft me, use Callsign VAF(any number) no GA call signs though, only VAF (any number) no normal IF airline call signs either. We will fly from Runway 10, over the mountain to Saba where we will all do 360’s as each of us lands on the runway, you will be scored by a judge @Plane6, I will land first, everyone else will score my landing. We will then fly back to Saint Maarten and land. If you score well in a Cat 1 aircraft you will be considered for hiring by Venture of you would like.

  1. @Plane6
  2. @anon93676386
  3. @Duckystingray

More spots can, and will be created shall the need arise.

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Please format in the correct Live Events format :)
p.s. I don’t think you can land a 777 or 757 at a 400m runway ;)


Ok I will fix it

Got a little problem there bud. How are you going to fit a 757 and 777 in Saba?

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It’s supposed to be fun that’s all, not realsitic hence the Training Server not expert, and is the fixed title better or not.

You would get a violation if you land anything that’s not Echo sized. I suggest you change it to casual


@Its supposed to be for fun, who cares if you fail. It’s supposed to be a fun way to advertise my new airline.


It is officially being changed to Casual so no one gets a violation.

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@anon93676386 please come just for fun if you can and tell others about this sure to fail competition. Thanks

i would like to join

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I meant 14:00zulu on September 18, sorry


Alright see you there you’re signed up.

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Hey! I would like to participate in the landing competition.

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Alright thanks I’ll add you, see you there.

Will participants be able to use autopilot? I would prefer no autopilot. :)

I’ll come as a spectator.
1400Z or 1700Z?

Err septemer the 16th? right, its September the 18th
In the main tag

The Greatest Basket 12:00 or 12:00 PM Central



No autopilot will be used hand flying only come at 12:00 or 12:00 PM Central Time in 40 minutes please thanks.