So tired of controlling on the training server how is it supposed to help you increase your skill of controlling if nobody even listens…sorry just venting…

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I recommend creating a tracking thread.
Creating one, you can let people know where your’re going to control instead of randomly picking one. In addition to this, you will have people who actually want to help you out who will join and flight pattern work.

"ATC Tracking Threads

We allow for tracking threads for your ATC training to be published. Please refrain from doing these unless you are in the process of joining the official IFATC team to control the expert server. When not active, please add [CLOSED] or [OFFLINE] to your title. This is the same for all topics in the category."

Try to avoid EGLL and KLAX. These airports are just too crowded and nobody listens there. On other airports it should be good, for example I had good experiences with KJFK.

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I have one i just didnt advertise being open.

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Look at places like Seattle, Detroit, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago (check the arrivals board), Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Dallas/Ft. Worth

You should always advertise it, if you dont then you will most likely have people who wont listen to your commands.

I was actually at KSFO wind directions changed so i changed the runways and of course everyone wants to land at the most convenient rwy to them even as aircraft are departing lol

Just really hope i can pass this test so i can get off the training server with IFATC

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Good Luck!

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Gotcha, it is definitely important for you to check weather NOTAMS before loading into an airport to control.

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