Venezuelan Airports

Im currently doing a tour of northern South America in IF, and it’s honestly kind of depressing how few airports have even irl layouts in Venezuela on IF…

Many airports look like this (pic below), which in 2023 is pretty pathetic, especially considering the amount of basic GA airports or small fields in the US have current 3D structures or proper layouts.

If I were in the IFAET, I would try do something about it, but I’m not and hence me coming to the IFC to bring some change and bring some much needed attention to South American regional airports.


Hello, the reason they are like this is due to the system automatically making airports. If you want to change this, you can apply to IFAET and do something about it.


I already applied

I am from Venezuela and I want to know which are your routes from that tour you are doing

I would apply but:
A) I dont have the time with my last few months of school (IB Program)
B) When I last checked abt 2-3weeks ago applications were closed

Sure thing:

Caracas-Cumana-Caracas-Porlamar-Caracas-Maracaibo-Caracas-Las Piedras-Havana…Caracas-Barcelona-Porlamar-Caracas…Panama-Valencia-Porlamar-Caracas

Mix of Conviasa, Avior and Copa Airlines

I would have also wanted to go to the Amazonian areas but all the IF airports there are those generic non realistic ones :/

Which airplane did you use to fly Avior routes?

Will be using a generic B737-700

I’m interested in this region. I was trying to sort out some duplicate names at different locations. Are these the correct airports for the locations you mentioned?:

Caracas: Simon Bolivar International Airport - SVMI
Cumana: Antonio Jose de Sucre Airport - SVCU
Porlamar: Del Caribe International General Santiago Marino Airport - SVMG
Maracaibo: La Chinita International Airport - SVMC
Las Piedras: Josefa Camejo International Airport - SVLP
Havana: Jose Marti International Airport - MUHA
Barcelona: General Jose Antonio Anzoategui International Airport - SVBC
Valencia: Arturo Michelena International Airport - SVMC
Panama: Tocumen International Airport - MPTO

I’m afraid that you’re losing the chance to do something, if you choose not to join the IFAET. Bringing this up may not do much, unless an airport editor decides to do an airport in Venezuela.

If you feel like it, you’re always welcomed to apply and join us.

Last time I checked (just a few seconds ago), our applications have been open for some weeks.

Luckily, we don’t have strict activity requirements. If you’re busy with personal commitments, that’s totally fine as long you let us know.


Thank you for the info, will have to look into applying now that the applications are open again and knowing that there arent strict activity requirements.

I am honestly not sure about any of those other than Simon Bolivar Intl. Gonna have to check flight radar…

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Las piedras is SVJC and Valencia is SVVA, the rest of them are correct

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Thank you. I’ll check these out.

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