Venezolana B732 Suffers Engine Fire

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On Thursday, May 30th, a Venezolana airlines flight from Port of Spain to Caracas suffered an engine failure and a subsequent uncontained engine fire. The aircraft was a Boeing 737-200 with registration YV502T. There were no reports of injuries to any of the 80 passengers onboard the plane.

The 40+ years old Boeing 737-200 was performing flight VNE-1303, departing from Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago (POS) to Caracas, Venezuela (CCS). They aircraft was climbing out of Port of Spain when the left hand engine, a Pratt & Whitney JT8D, failed – emitting a loud bang.

Upon failure of the engine, the crew ceased ascending and declared an emergency. The flight then made a return to Port of Spain. A safe landing was made approximately 23 minutes after departure.

Upon landing, the flight was attended to by the airport’s fire fighting team. The exploding engine had become an uncontained engine fire.

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40 y/o 732…had to go eventually.


Shame… I was hoping on flying on a 732 some day. This will probably cause more to be retired.

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Go to Canada! Lots of them are still flying around there :)

Good idea, I’m right in NY so it’s pretty close. Maybe someday in the near future.

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Better go soon!

I wonder what caused it…

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Here is a picture with the damage.


That what I would think, but American and some others have their Mad Dogs flying just fine all over the place, and their almost the same age so as long as the planes are well maintained, they shouldn’t be a problem.

And kudos to the crew for their professionalism and safe emergency landing

US just retired their last 732s from scheduled service. I’m not aware of any other ones in the US I miss the sound of them

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Hmmm… aren’t Sun still operating them?

A baked JT8D. tasty!

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