VelocityPL's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EGCC

Learning to use ATC quicker, come join training server, RJTT (OPEN RN)

open now at RJTT
runway in use : 16R and 16L
Landing RWY: 16L
takeoff RWY: 16R
aircraft accepted : All aircraft

Rules :
Please Fly professionally

Speed :
Downwind : 200 knots
Base : 180 knots
Final : under 155 knots

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I recommend use this airport on your tracking thread


So person doing pattern doesn’t get interrupted by another traffic
Also, Tell what runway you use
and tell what aircraft you accepted

For example:

open now at WIII
runway in use : 25R and 25L
aircraft accepted : Boeing 737 family or A320

Rules :
Please Fly professionally

Speed :
Downwind : 200 knots
Base : 180 knots
Final : under 160 knots

coming right now

yeah i guess, ill take this into mind thank you

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singapore 019 guy’s a troll, void him, runway is for all intents and purposes clear

yeah ive noticed

Thank you! Feedback incoming shortly.

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If you’re still active, I’ll stop by shortly :)

Still active :)

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might come in about 10 mins if your still open,not sure tho

I’ll probably be on for another 5 minutes, because I have to get off then.

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k(ten chars)

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Okay, so here’s what I found:

  1. Wrong clearance when F-AMMS was on final, first touch and go (05:34:06Z)
  2. Unnecessary “after the option, make right traffic” for F-AMMS (05:38:47Z)
  3. Unnecessary “turn crosswind” for F-AMMS (05:40:14Z)
  4. Unnecessary “continue inbound” for OK-LOL (05:44:34Z)
  5. Clearances seem to be delayed beyond visible need
  • When controlling, you need to remember what an aircraft has requested and is doing prior to giving out commands. F-AMMS was remaining in the pattern, so he should have been cleared for the option, giving him permission to either fly over the runway, do a touch and go, or land. I also should have been cleared for the option on my last touch and go as opposed to a clearance to land, but i’ll let that one slide, as I reported my position to alert you with a “full stop,” which might have been confusing.

  • F-AMMS was already in the pattern, so he didn’t need to be told to make right traffic. An “after the option, make right/left traffic” command is only applicable if an aircraft has just joined the pattern.

  • Something that we, as controllers, need to keep in mind when controlling is not to over-control aircraft. F-AMMS was going to turn crosswind, there was no need to tell him to do so, especially when he was still over the threshold of the runway. I get that you wanted to make space for OK-LOL to take off, but keep in mind that separation would have been made soon enough either way.

  • OK-LOL didn’t need to be told to continue inbound, he was already remaining in the pattern.

  • This is something that I’m seeing in general with you, and it’s that you’re waiting extremely late to clear aircraft for the option, so late that they often have to remind you. Keep in mind that an aircraft can be sequenced and cleared for the option at any point in the pattern. It’s best not to leave it until they’re not even half a mile from the threshold, as you might forget, resulting in a go-around. Personally, I fall into this rhythm of sequencing aircraft early on in the pattern and clearing them a little later on downwind if there are multiple, or clearing them for the option straight away if they’re the only one in the pattern. However, other controllers do it differently.
    Overall, there’s room for improvement, but not bad. I might come in later and see how you do with transitions, if you’re still active.


I’ll be heading off soon, tomorrow I’ll try a smaller airport. Thanks for the feedback.

Personally I think I have to work on pattern work a little bit.

I was B-LITZ, here’s my feedback for you!

  • Upon pushback clearance, I’d only use “expect runway” if you need me to face a certain way.

  • I’d wait for the aircraft to request a taxi before giving them taxi instructions.

  • There is no need to give me a frequency change to tower as in the “Taxi to runway 16L, contact tower when ready,” command, it already states to contact the tower frequency upon nearing the runway for takeoff.

  • I could’ve received a clearance for the option upon being in the air as I was taking off for a traffic pattern (considering no traffic was landing 16L).

  • Did not receive clearance for the option until I turned for base, like said in the bullet point above, I could’ve been given the clearance earlier.

  • With my clearance for the option, you gave me a “make left traffic” which was not needed as that was given with my clearance for takeoff.

  • The call for final full stop was intended to let you know that I was going to be stopping instead of doing a touch & go. If I was to announce final touch and go, then a “You were already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports” would be okay to send.

  • Did not receive exit command upon landing, usually this is given once the aircraft landing reaching 50-70kts GS. Along with it is the clearance to contact ground. Very useful to use.

Seems like a lot to take in at first but it becomes super easy to understand once you continue practicing. I’ll possibly attend more sessions from you in the future!

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Love the feedback from both of you, learned a lot thank you so much.


Closing Tower and ground, thanks for those who came, learned a lot.


Learning to use ATC quicker, come join training server, at KJFK (OPEN)

Open now at KJFK
Runways in use : 22R and 22L
Landing RWY: 22L
Takeoff RWY: 22R
Aircraft accepted : All aircraft

Rules :
Please Fly professionally

Speeds :
Downwind : 200 knots
Base : 180 knots
Final : under 150 knots

For how long?

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