@Velocity23's ATC Tracking Thread [OPEN @ KTTS]


Yeah, I wasn’t accepting Pattern Work any longer, sorry


Now open at Dubai Intl’ (OMDB)


Closed, good day all


Open at Sydney Intl’ (YSSY)
Ground and Tower.


Closed, good day all


Open at OMDB.


I’ll drop by!


Ill swing by and do some touch and goes. My callsign will be G-HOSS


Coming. Callsign will be PTTOHEAD


Sorry. Have to go becuase of some stuff going on. Only issue I saw was when FLY was pushing, neither him or I knew who was to continue, as we would’ve collided if we continued


Simple solution for the future @Velocity23 is to look at the aircraft and tell one if them to hold position. This would resolve the situation of one of them getting confused about who is going to continue push


Sorry Guys, IF crashed, getting back on now.


So, There’s a lot to improve on…

  • Firstly, You’re quite slow with your replies and need to improve on your speed

  • You should be aware of your runways and should chart out the takeoff and landing runways in your mind. I requested for pushback and RWY30R, and you replied accordingly. But when I requested for taxi I did not say what runway I wanted to taxi to (because there is no need to repeat myself), You told me to taxi to RWY30L.

  • When I requested to cross 30L, You asked me to ‘Stand By’ when you actually should have asked me to ‘Hold Short 30L’

  • You cleared me for Right Traffic on 30R but at the same time, you cleared @ Chris_Hosford for right traffic from 30L too! This is dangerous and could cause conflicts. You should have cleared him for Left traffic.

  • You were extremely late to ‘clear me for the option’ and that too, You did on the wrong runway! I was on right base 30R and G-HOSS was on final 30L and you cleared me for Number 2, 30L when I was at less than a Nautical Mile separation from him. Again Very Dangerous.

  • When I requested to change back to RWY30R, you replied with 'Unable" for some reason but the runway was completely free of traffic.

  • When I was Right downwind 30L, which you asked me to enter after clearing me for right traffic (Unnecessary), you asked me to enter ‘Right base 30R’. Again, Not clear with your runways.

  • And lastly, You asked me to exit runway when I was already off the runway. Again(sigh), Improve your speed with your replies.

All the Best for next time!


That would be my internet speed sorry. If you like fast internet, don’t come to Australia!

As mentioned in my first post, I’m a bit new to all this and wasn’t sure how to tell you that it was fine, but Chris was kind enough to explain it to me via PM.

For the clearing for right traffic unnecessarily, Left and Right Traffic were the only options, for whatever reason it wouldn’t let me just send it without a pattern instruction. The reason I said 30R was because I was alright with you making the runway change. My fault, sorry.

Again, that would be the Aussie Internet speed, when I actually sent it you were on the runway by my screen, but alas we don’t have the best download/upload speeds down under.


Closed, thanks to all who came, got my operations up by a lot.


Ah! If its because of your internet speed, then that’s a whole other issue. Otherwise, all the best for future operations! :)