@Velocity23's ATC Tracking Thread [OPEN @ KTTS]


Hi All,

I’m looking for some feedback on my controlling. Please keep in mind this is not something I have done before so I am likely to make beginner mistakes.



Feedback is appreciated as reply - no need to PM 🙂


If the user by the callsign of Velocity 1564 is on here please PM me


I will come down in about 10 minutes. Callsign will be NAXVACS1


Now closed, sorry about it being so quick


Hi @Velocity23
I can’t really give any feedback since you closed right after I took off. If you stay open for longer you’ll attract a bigger crowd :)

Only other thing I have to say is make sure you double check the command you are sending, as you had to correct your pushback instructions.

I have put this thread on watching so I’ll be sure to come down next time.
Regards, Josh


Open @ LEPA for the FNF.


I’ll come by


Closing… Catch ya another time.


Yeah sorry. It’s my younger sister’s birthday and we’re about to go out for dinner.


No worries, I’ll drop by another time :)



Ground and Tower. Should be here for a little while this time.


Closed, thanks to anyone who came down


Just opened YMML


Switched to EGLL GND


Closed, good day all


Open at Brisbane Intl’ (YBBN) - GND Only


As I am Controlling GND for the QVirtual Event at YBBN at 0230Z, I will close to the public at 0215Z and focus fully on the event.


Focusing on the Event Now.


I think for the ground part you did pretty good and you’re well on your way :) . I was BA5595 just now. Just keep practicing and you’ll be there in no time :)


HS-TZA here
I’m sad about ‘unable pattern work’
Anyway your taxiing command is a bit slow.
For other things, they’re all good.


That was @AviationMad, he was TWR.

Yes sorry about that, I was trying to figure out what to do.