Velocity23's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Hey All,

I’m doing some ATC practice in the hope of becoming IFATC in the coming months. If you could pop by whenever I am open that would be much appreciated.

Velocity23 (Kai)

Open at YSSY {GND & TWR}

Closed. Thanks to all who came down.

Open @ YMML

Come down and help me improve my ATC skills! Open as Ground and Tower.


Melbourne Airport, ATIS information CHARLIE, time 0055 ZULU. Wind 350 at 11, visibility greater than 10km, temperature 13, dew point 8. Landing Runway 34, Departing Runway 34.

Still Open! Anyone Interested? INFO C is on it’s way.

Now closed, good day.

I didn’t see you there. Nvm, you’re closed but the title still says open. Next time.

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Open @ YMML - G&T.

ATIS INFO A is Current

Melbourne Airport, ATIS information Alpha, time 0556 ZULU. Wind 010 at 20, visibility 20, temperature 16, dew point 6. Remarks, See Forum for Details Landing Runway 34, Departing Runway 34.

Coming by!!!

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Had to cut it short. So I made a nice landing nose first into the ground :).
Did good this time I was testing you when I started spaming taxiing through grass and leaving freq. you caught all exept grass taxi. Did 9/10 this time. You left and rejoined very quickly so good job on that! 😀👍👌

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That must have been a connection error, I did see your taxi through grass and sent the message, and didn’t exit either. Blame Australia’s WiFi…

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Rip. Apoligies.

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Now closed, good day

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