@Velocity23's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Hi All,

I’m looking for some feedback on my controlling. Please keep in mind this is not something I have done before so I am likely to make beginner mistakes.



Feedback is appreciated as reply - no need to PM 🙂


If the user by the callsign of Velocity 1564 is on here please PM me

I will come down in about 10 minutes. Callsign will be NAXVACS1

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Now closed, sorry about it being so quick

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Hi @KaiM
I can’t really give any feedback since you closed right after I took off. If you stay open for longer you’ll attract a bigger crowd :)

Only other thing I have to say is make sure you double check the command you are sending, as you had to correct your pushback instructions.

I have put this thread on watching so I’ll be sure to come down next time.
Regards, Josh

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Open @ LEPA for the FNF.

I’ll come by

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Closing… Catch ya another time.

Yeah sorry. It’s my younger sister’s birthday and we’re about to go out for dinner.

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No worries, I’ll drop by another time :)

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Ground and Tower. Should be here for a little while this time.

Closed, thanks to anyone who came down

Just opened YMML

Switched to EGLL GND

Closed, good day all

Open at Brisbane Intl’ (YBBN) - GND Only


As I am Controlling GND for the QVirtual Event at YBBN at 0230Z, I will close to the public at 0215Z and focus fully on the event.


Focusing on the Event Now.

I think for the ground part you did pretty good and you’re well on your way :) . I was BA5595 just now. Just keep practicing and you’ll be there in no time :)

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HS-TZA here
I’m sad about ‘unable pattern work’
Anyway your taxiing command is a bit slow.
For other things, they’re all good.

That was @Kacey, he was TWR.

Yes sorry about that, I was trying to figure out what to do.

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