Velocity23's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi All,

I’m looking for some feedback on my controlling as I prepare to take the IFATC Practical hopefully in the not too distant future. Feel free to drop by whenever I’m controlling. Training Server, obviously.



Feedback is appreciated as reply - no need to PM 🙂

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How long do you intend on being open for?

Maybe another 20 minutes or so. No traffic yet though so I’m willing to wait if someone is going to come down.

Ah, ok. I could probably swing by in 25 or so

Ok cool I’ll wait

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Will be there in around 3-4 minutes.

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Sorry, app crashed, I’m coming back

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I’ll fly a few circuits :)

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Thanks. I’m closing around 0320Z as I’ve got IFATC Training at 0330Z

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@Asher realized that transition alt was wrong, sorry

Good entry and sequence. Great resequence for asher

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Why the go-around though?

Thought you were a bit close to the DC-10 as he didn’t seem to be going anywhere fast

I was about 3-2 NM from the runway and he was exiting. There was still time ;)

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KSSC Closing in 5 mins

Not sure whether you were doing a full stop there Asher… would’ve been happy to let you backtrack though.

Feedback from session

-Low transition should of cleared me at 3000ft
You’d find this out by taking the airport elevation and rounding it to the nearest hundred and adding 1500 feet to the elevation as that’ll be the highest an aircraft in the pattern should fly and add 1000ft to meet minimum separation requirements. Glad you realized your mistake.

Simplified: Elevation+highest altitude someone will fly in the pattern+1000ft for minimum separation

-You shouldn’t of told REFUELER Already cleared to land as they were telling you they were full stop and trying to actually let you aware of that. If they just announced final then you would send them that if they aren’t touch and goes

-fantastic job on noticing you can fit Rocco in with my long downwind and taking that opportunity and executing it well and being proactive

-I tried pulling a little trick on you while on final for 22R and wanted to see if you noticed I changed to 22L before changing again. You didn’t see it unfortunately. Be sure to always keep an eye out on your traffic in the airspace as sometimes it’ll surprise you to see what pilots do sometimes. This was testing your airspace awareness skills. :)

Overall good job! Questions? Feel more than free to ask!

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KSSC is now closed, Good Day


This was fine. He had already called inbound to land and was cleared. Reporting his position was unnecessary.

Thought I saw them remaining in the pattern. In this case if they weren’t doing touch and goes like I said then you’d send this. My bad didn’t know they were inbound!

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