Velder Airways Virtual Thread

(@NEO has given me permission to make this thread for Velder. Note that we are still being grading by the IFVARB)

Hello everybody of infinite flight. I am happy to announce that Velder Airways will be coming soon to infinite flight. We hope that you will join us to help us become one of the best VAs on infinite flight. Velder looks for pilots who are profesional and serious. Foolishness and clumsiness will not be tolerated. Pilots with over 100 violations before applying will not be accepted and pilots who make 100 more violations while in the VA will be fired. We hope that we can make it to be the best VA with all of you with us!

Bombardier dash 8-Q400
Boeing 717-200
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 787-8
Boeing 747-200



Also be sure to check out an advertisment for Velder airways!

[NOTE] we will use Slack as our main system of communication. Be sure to get it here

We hope to see you fly with us! - Seb2104


Your application appears to be on private mode, make sure you are using a shareable link, and not the one at the top of the page where you edit the form :)


I used the link from when I pressed on get pre-filled link

I think I’ll join once you are approved! :)

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Interesting, here is what I see when I click the link

Is the position for event manager still open?

@captjackson is correct. That page is private ;)

Strange how would I be able to turn of private mode? I used a shareable link

Yes but you’ll have to wait a bit while I sort out some problems with the application

Not sure, try re-submitting the link to weebly :)

I believe there is a difference between a pre-filled link and a shareable link. Make sure the link you use is one form the SEND tab.

Ok, I just requested permission to access it, did you get the request?

Why is the picture on your home page of your website an a321, if you don’t fly it? Other that lol,s good

Wow I can’t believe I missed that. We originally were going to use the a321 but I changed it to a 787

Lol… such a bad fail…😂😂😂


Definetly an embarrassing moment

Yup…lol🤣😂🤣😂 so embarising…


I got the form, thanks! Filled it all out.

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Thanks I’ll be sure to review it

Sorry for this but the application seems to be fixed now so could you resend it.

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