Velder Airways VA Recruitment Event @ KTPA - 191630ZMar17

Hey guys, Me and my Velder Airway friends think it is time to start a recruitment event for this new airline!

Boeing 717-200
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 747-200
Bombardier 8-Q400
Boeing 787-8

South Florida


Flight Plan:

Date of event:
March 19, 2017


Gate B01:@Collin_Mihalovich
Gate B02:
Gate B03:
Gate B04:
Gate B05:
Gate B06:
Gate B07:
Gate B08:
Gate B09:

We hope you are able to come to this wonderful event and hopefully be able to join this young, yet Fabulous team!

Happy Flying✈️ And see you in the Skies!!!


Oh and by the way everyone, the Zulu Time has not been discussed yet.

The event is back open!!!z

We are open for anyone who wants to be recruited for this great VA

This should be in the #live:events category as it’s opened already :)

There you want to fly in the event :)

Unfortunately I cannot. Sorry I’ve been too busy with my life and I don’t fly much on IF anymore :P.

Ok I see life comes first IF later in the list🙂

what time is the event on?

6:30 EST if the Zulu is wrong sorry I am not comfortable with Zulu

@Collin_Mihalovich Please read the topic I linked, so you know how to properly create an event title. You made many incorrect changes to your title, and I had to change it for you so it fits the specific format. Thanks in advance. :)

It will be 10:30 Zulu time

Thanks for changing it that really helps👍🏻

Bringing this event back up anyone want to sign up?

Cmon we need some participants

One day till the event!!!

It’s not good to beg for people to join. Just post it up here and if people come they come. Best of luck.

Ok sorry @SkyHighGuys

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