Velana Airport taxing question

Hi there. I’m going to depart out from Velana Airport (VRMM). Anyone knows how to taxi to the Runway? Thanks

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What runway are you trying to go to

I’m trying to go to Runway 35

The idea is that you use the runway to taxi to the turnaround at the end of it, then turn around and take off. Runway 35 isn’t currently active in the real world, so I will use 36 as an example with this Aeroflot flight, but the same concept is applied. You use the runway to “backtaxi”.




I mean international apron

Velana has a strange layout. As far as I know, for departure, the runway is always used to backtaxi as there aren’t really any taxiways to the side.

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So do you mean I have to pushback directly to the runway?

Well if no conflict pushback before entering rwy, but its basically a gate per taxiway sort of. Take the nearest entrance and backtaxi from there.


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