Vegas Spotting!

So yesterday was a brilliant day for me in infinite flight as I attended 2 events: the Area 51 raid, and the Las Vegas flyout! Apart from the fact that it was highly busy which caused delays, go-around and also caused a few impatient people to cut line, everything was fantastic! So here are some pictures from my spotting

Extra note: I was messing and experimenting around with editing, so expect some good and bad pictures


Server: Expert
Gate parked at: Terminal C gate C04
Aircraft: B738 (737-800)
Callsign: S-ACVD

View of Terminals A and B

Views of runways 19L/R (Moderate traffic not too heavy, although a few delays occasionally during peak moments, once you joined the queue, waiting time around 10-15 minutes max 20 for take-off)

Southwest 737 departing, with another southwest in the backround and a MyAir CRJ-1000 (The departing Southwest was the host of the event)

#737gang A whole line of 737’s. But wait? We have an imposter here. An American Airlines A320 trying to blend in with the 737s! (If you can’t see it it’s basically the 2nd last plane from the queue)

We now move on to the other side of the airport, where we see the international terminal (Terminal E), a United B772, British Airways B772, Swiss International Air Lines A333, British Airways B744 pushback, Virgin Atlantic B789 and a Korean air B772 that is already taxiing. We also have the tail of a Virgin America A320 parked at Terminal D

On the other side of the airport we have the much more busier runways 26L/R, Queues were very big (mainly 26R) and a lot of go-arounds involved (but ATC had about 20 billion planes to handle so it’s understandable). Once you joined the queue, waiting times about 20-30 mins, possibly 40. The Delta 737 is taking-off whilst a Swiss, 3 Americans and 1 Canadian wait patiently (there was a 4th American -Southwest 737- but he did not load in).

Continental DC-10 landing, on queue for 26R we have the Swiss A333 and the United B772

Thought I might just throw this out, Experimental editing (I think it looks slightly too bright) anyway a JetBlue E190 (I don’t usually see E190s in the IFC) waiting in the queue for 26L, whilst the Virgin Atlantic B789 and British Airways B744 are still waiting. A FedEx MD-11 now exits the cargo terminal, straight into the long queue and cuts ahead of the B744.

One of the go-arounds I took a picture of. The Delta 738 is exiting the runway after landing whilst Continental DC-10 (same as picture 7) is conducting a go-around, avoiding the 737.

Now traffic has died down and there is not so much traffic. The queue is still there for runway 26R, but not very big. We have an retro American 737 parked I believe at Terminal D, whilst another American 737 and Korean Air 772 are taxiing to the runway (The Korean Air is the same picture as picture 5 but I believe they had to re-spawn a lot.

Well that’s all my pictures. I may have over did it on the descriptions but comment below which was best. 😉


Wow @TransportForLife pic number 4 is awesome I love seeing airplanes all lined up like that , and I think you’re editing is awesome I don’t think you over edited the pics , very cool 👍🏽😁


Thank you sir!

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I loved the picture of the International terminal! Great pictures, you should defiantly make some more spotting topics!

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Great Shots!

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