Vegas/Groom Lake region

Title says it. Would be cool to fly a JANET 737 from Vegas to Area51.


Cool, except, how would they:
A. Get the specs of Area 51
B. How would you get a Janet Livery, as it isn’t in the game @IceBlue?
C. Are there that many airports even around there?

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I personally would use the yoke :-P


Funny funny funny. I’ve now revised that

Obviously they would not be able to have the exact specs of Area 51 but if you look on google earth you can see groom lake and the runways. Not saying make a JANET livery(though it would be cool) but any 737 would do. Little thing called imagination. As far as the number of airports in the desert; that I have no idea. Youre probably right, not many

Hmmm… I see. Sorry, if I were going to use it I would run around my room going “Vroooooom! Weeeee! Vrooooooom” with some old avation goggles on😉

Quite carefully, this one’s an important flight. You?

I’ve seen it done in other flight sims. Why not this one?

God darn you Ice!!! Fixed it again


Oh BTW @hmkane[quote=“hmkane, post:2, topic:34416”]
Cool, except, how would they:

Dosen’t make any sense. :-P :-P :-P

I should probably stop before i get flagged lol

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Yes it does!

Cool, except, how would they:

How would you get a Janet737 Livery?

I believe this is what I see @IceBlue🙄

Yes but because of the:

You are saying ‘How would they // How would you’

You should be a freaking grammer teacher! Get off the IF forums and join the grammer teacher forums!😂

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Does this previous topic apply to the Area 51 sector? If it is please search the forums before posting

@Nick_Catalano… Max Sez: What the rub here Nick. The comment extract above has nothing to do with this topic, The extract is not a Topic and is not covered by the "Duplicate rule. Plus it deals with a bombing range called "Chocolet Mountan which is associated with the Yuma Range Complex. It has nothing to do with little green men, Vagas or Area 51.

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Thanks Max. I dont really see the issue

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@AUblake MaxSez… “Area-51”. Blake Ya can’t get there from Vagas.’
51 is within the Nellis AFB Complex. It’s no longer charted on any Sectional/WAC and it’s not a secret. It’s just a Test Site within Restricted Airspsce. It used to be charted on the Vegas sectional as Homey Field (KXTS)
Great imagination Peanut.