Veering off to the right

Upon take off, no matter what aircraft on live, right before I can even rotate, the aircraft quickly veers to the right! Anyone know how to have this corrected. Below is a list of what I already am doing to try to correct.

  1. Auto-Coordination set to OFF
  2. Using rudder already to try to counter it.
  3. Not stalling, as I have sufficient speed and thrust.
  4. Wind controls cannot be changed in live, as far as I know, correct me if I am wrong please lol.
  5. Made sure controls are calibrated.
  6. Reset and Re-installed simulator multiple times.

Thanks for the help if you can help me! :)

Turboprop planes naturally do this, but it’s interesting that it happens for every plane.

This is due the a crosswind hitting your tail. Use your rudder to fix this, or try to rotate sooner than you actually will lift off.

Use more rudder. Its that simple

When taking off try to use a little bit of rudder, nothing crazy but enough that it will keep you straight.

Ok, so just more rudder then. Thought it was a glitch, happens to you guys too??

Correct, there’s no glitch here… Don’t be afraid to use a lot of rudder to keep you centered on the runway on takeoff. The wind is causing the plane to veer to a side. Let us know if you have further questions about it and we would be happy to help you further. It will take time to nail it down so just keep practicing. :)

The rudder is your best friend in this type of situation and also it won’t hurt to calibrate quickly before takeoff as well

Happens to me in every plane, especially the light ones (CRJ)

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Thank you guys so much! You’re all so nice and helpful! Just signed up here on the forum…first post! Again thank you all for the help!!


Its probably the crosswinds hitting you, try to use your rudder, also it happens to about every plane so dont worry its not your device/game

Your welcome and congratulations, this is what and why we are here as a community. To help one another. Happy Landings!


Was able to keep a straight heading problem solved!!


Welcome to the Forum!
Glad it all went well.

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