Vectoring Command to VOR/Waypoint

I am back with another feature request! Today, I will be requesting to have commands for ATC to direct/reroute us to different waypoint/VORs!

This is a very common and useful command in real life and would bring IF a lot more realism and take some pressure off ATC.

As an example, this is what the direct command sound in real life:
“Speedbird 6MA proceed direct IGAMA, descend and maintain 11000ft.”

The reroute command would sound like this:

“Speedbird 6MA descend/climb via WAYMA, DISCO, DELTA”

Why do we need this?
This would bring another big drop of realism to ATC in IF, and also improve the usage of waypoints/VORs at airports, especially where arrival procedures can’t be found. This would be easier than assigning heading as you can reroute the aircraft wherever you want as you wish in only one go.

How could it work?
I am not a coding expert or anything but maybe on the commands bit there would be a “re-route” and “proceed direct” under the “Vectors” tab. Maybe if you clicked on either one, descend/climb will appear and you could choose either one, then the colour of all the waypoints/VORs would change and you would click on the one(s) you want the aircraft to head to. There would be a “Done” command too. The command will sound exactly like above.

Please show support and vote if you would like to see this in IF!

  • I would love to see this!
  • Ummmmm… Let me think.
  • Very unnecesarry.

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This post approved by staff members. I would briefly want to thank @Thunderbolt_78 for inspiring me on this request.

I think this would be very interesting and helpful (and improve realism quite a bit). It might be a little hard to add and/or confusing to use, but I would love to see this. I actually had an idea similar to this a while ago… but I decided to wait to see how SIDS and STARS were and forgot about it. Let me see if I can clear up a vote for this!

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I agree! Thanks a lot!

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This would definitely be great! Could also help with shortcuts when flying STARs/SIDs. Voted!


Actually this could be really useful if it can added to DATIS. Some airports do not have STARs from all directions, eg. KEWR from the Carribeans.

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I definitely agree. Would be much easier for ATC.

Just giving this a little bump! Would be very useful to have this!

This is 100% necessary moving a vote over for it

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Thank you! I definitely agree, especially at airports with less SID/STARs!

Just giving this a little bump. This would be great for Airport with no established SID/STARs to/from all directions!

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It’s actually very useful for a lot of airports in Europe that require VORs on departure

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Exactly! Would make controllers job a lot easier too!

Giving this a bump. I wanted to request realistic “Direct To” features as a pilot and found this. Got my vote!


I have to agree! Would be brilliant to see this next update!

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Yea we need this like, now. This is one of the most basic commands in an air traffic controller’s toolbox and I’m shocked that its not in-game. We can see people’s flight plans now when we click on them so it would be nice to use the drag and vector and hover over a fix/VOR to ask them to go direct.


This would be great to have, I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time. If anything, it can help departure frequency ATC vector aircraft on takeoff towards their flight plans, and after vectoring in sequence, they can proceed direct to their planned waypoint. Also, if there is heavy nearby traffic in the skies, they can be vectored to a certain heading, then told to “proceed direct XXX, then resume own navigation” to get back on course.

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Indeed needed! Good job m8!! I definetly voting for this one!!

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It would be nice to have the capability to tell an aircraft to proceed direct to a VOR/waypoint via drag and vector, but then also have a menu appear which has an option of “continue as filed.”
It would work like:
“N1AD, proceed direct Seal Beach VOR, continue as filed” and be given after an aircraft has been vectored off their flight plan. This would have two uses. First of which would be to direct an aircraft to a specific waypoint in an aircraft’s flight plan that controllers want them to proceed before continuing as filed. Second use would be the ability to direct an aircraft to proceed to a waypoint NOT in the aircraft’s flight plan, before continuing as filed.
This would be extremely helpful for departure AND approach and would make our lives a lot easier.


Just want to bump this, with the rise of more airports utilising point merge STARs, which you can read up here. It is an incredibly efficient and safe system that has proven its worth at various airports like Istanbul, Oslo, Bogota, Tokyo Narita and Haneda, where it helps with higher traffic flows.

Overall it would be great to have this feature as it would better aid with our controlling since we currently rely on manually vectoring and giving them a “continue as filed” which is much slower to be honest. Granted, this system would take a long time to implement but I think that a lot of controllers would love to see this implemented some day.

ATC should be given the option when using the drag and vector feature and holding it over a particular waypoint/VOR it should show an option in the pop up menu like "Direct To (waypoint/VOR)"