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Where we fly | What we fly

Here at Vector Virtual Airlines we operate a fleet of Luxary private Jets, Ranging from Narrow body to double decker jumbo jets. At Vector Air we strive to provide a Professional environment for our pilots and staff members. We have over 100 routes for our pilots to enjoy.
Below is listed all of the aircraft we operate listed from smallest to largest.

Our Fleet

Cessna Citation X
Airbus A318 ACJ
Airbus A319 Delta Livery
Boeing 737-700 BBJ
Boeing 787-9 United Livery
Boeing 747-8 BBJ

On our website you will find more information about where we fly, our fleet and general VA info.

Staff Positions
Here you will find a detailed list of our staff members and any open positions. If you would like to become a staff member please PM me as we dont currently have Staff applications in the website.


Founder and CEO - @AVIONICS
Vice President - @Cameron_Stone
Head of General Management - @SNASpotter
Foriegn Affairs Manager - Open Position
Head of Events - Open position

Join as a pilot
To join as a pilot please fill out the form below.
After you fill out the form a staff member will be in contact regarding a ingame flying test that shouldn’t be longer than 15 minutes.


•Must be atleast Grade 3
•Must know how to use and operate ingame atc properly
Some exceptions can be made!

Our newest even will be posted below. We hope to host Events every other week.


All the best for your VA!


Thanks for the support!