Vector Paths for ATC and Pilots

If you’ve ever visited FlightRadar24 you know that when you click on an aircraft, you see a heading/vector path (I don’t know what to call it) showing you the route of the plane. I want this same idea implemented to Infinite Flight.

While flying, you should have the ability to click an aircraft flying on a server and see their heading/vector path of their entire route. This will be essential for mainly those who are on IFATC, especially approach or departure. They would be able to vector one aircraft to one airport and then, vector the other incoming aircraft along that same vector path as the first one, so things can stay simple and consistent.

If you don’t know what heading/vector paths are, I uploaded a picture of an example:

(dotted line represents the filed FPL, green/gray represent the actual route flown)


We already have this. Just pilots can’t see it


Can you show me an example? I don’t remember seeing it

Only if you use the map and tap on an aircraft then you’ll see 208° for example

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@Benny87654321 @NatIsrael972 I don’t think you guys understand what I’m getting at. I want a function where when you click an aircraft, you see there filed FPL route and their actual route (every movement is recorded) just like FlightRadar24

What do you mean by this?

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If my FPL has a heading of 160 and I decide to fly 200 instead, the path will show that I went off course

Erm you make it sound like the computer version of X-Plane… I still don’t get why you would need the feature though…

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Taken from the advanced server


FlightAware shows a better example: The dotted line, is the filed FPL, but the green/gray line is the actual route flown

Sorry if this is hard to understand…

That’s not what I’m talking about
@Benny87654321 see my previous post

No, you made it easier to understand! I now get what you mean! I feel like it’s a good idea! 👍


This Would only work if we had the ability to submit flight plans

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Of course… No FPL no talk :P

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😂 you sound like Max


We don’t have to necessarily submit flight plans…we just file a normal flight plan like we do now.

Yes, that… If not we will have pilots who don’t file FPL getting the Off course lines 😂

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In what way? 😂

He might be talking about @NatIsrael972

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That’s true…then it should only show off course lines for those who have at least 1 waypoint in their flight plan