VE Day 75th Anniversary - European Formation Flypast 081200ZMAY20


VE Day 75th Anniversary - European Formation Flypast 081200ZMAY20

About: To Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Victory In Europe Day, VR-206 Sqn invites all IFC members to represent Allied Air Forces & German Luftwaffe, to perform a Flypast over a set route led by VR-206 Sqn. This is to commemorate VE DAY 75 & To Remember The Fallen.

Route/Formation Details

Formation Details: aircraft take off 1200Z from home bases & form up over the North Sea / English Channel. Once formed up the VE Formation will run in over London to start Flypast

Formation Route: London-Amsterdam-Brussels-D-Day Beaches-Paris-Cologne
(@Cologne formation break & RTB back to Home bases)


Server: Training Server
Time : Friday, May 8, 2020 12:00 PM
Airports / Airfields / Aircraft Available For Flypast :

RAF Brize Norton EGVN:
RAF C-130J, A330 (White Livery), C-17
RCAF: C-130J / C-17
Aeronautica Militare: KC-767 / A340 (White Liveryโ€™s )
RDAF: C-130J
RNoAF: C-130J
Polish AF: B737 (white livery)
Czech AF: A319 (white livery)
GAF A319 / A330 / A340 (white liveryโ€™s)

RAF Mildenhall EGUN:
USAF MC-130J / KC-10 / C-17 - USN C-130J

RAF Lakenheath EGUL:
USAF: F-16 / F-22 / A-10 - USN F-18

Eindhoven Airport / AB EHEH:
RNLAF KDC-10 / C-130H

Brussels Airport / Melsbroek AB EBBR:
BAF C-130H

Evreux-Fauville AB LFOE:
FAF TBM 930 - A319 / A330 / A340 (White Liverys)

If you would like to take part, please comment below with
Selected Aircraft Type:


VR-206 Sqn



RAF Brize Norton EGVN:

RAF Mildenhall EGUN:

RAF Lakenheath EGUL:

Eindhoven Airport / AB EHEH:

Brussels Airport / Melsbroek AB EBBR

Evreux-Fauville AB LFOE:


Update: additionally if you would like to represent a nation involved in WW2 in Europe with a associated airline please list your flt details below.

Should be a good one. Hopefully more people are able to join.

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Callsign:Ascot 59

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Aircraft: c-130J
Call sign: Ascot 59
Force: RAF
Airfield: EGVN

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Could one of the fighter jets escorting us potentially get in a kc10 and fill me up?

Would be helpful, though donโ€™t know who they are lol

I donโ€™t have enough fuel to get back to brise

I might actually Iโ€™m on 67%

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Yea I will be fine

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