VD’s trajectory freezed on A359

It worked just fine during the climb and the beginning of the descent, but the trajectory freezed in the middle of the descent and went back normal until I was at about 4000ft.

The game was running on iPhone 8 plus, with the latest ios 13.2.3. The game had a fresh start before the flight, ETE was about 5 hours 30 minutes(from Singapore to Shanghai) and it happened between 4h15m and 4h30m after takeoff.

Are you able to send us the replay (which the site to do so will be attached below) so we can further look into how this freeze of the controls happened? Some other questions are as follows:

Did you have a strong wifi connection?

How many times has this happened?

Have you tried turning the master switch off and on when it happened?

If it did keep happening, even with a strong strong wifi connection turning off & on the master switch, have you restarted your device?

Are you a staff?

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Staff aren’t needed to make a solution 🙂

They have things to do so I think they appreciate members helping them out 😉

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If it happens again try to turn the master switch on/off


Nope, I’m just your friendly community member that is ready to help anyone who needs help that I can help with :/.


Much appreciate. I didn’t turn the masterswitch on and off, and I don’t think it has anything to do with wifi but I do have strong signal during the entire flight. It happened only once since it was my second A350 flight. Like I said, it was freezed for about 20 minutes during the descent(I noticed this at 16000ft so I don’t know the exact moment it happened) and somehow it managed to behave normally when I was at about 4000ft.

It might be because battery save. It makes the game lag as a side effect

Just so that we can fully understand your situation, did the app freeze completely?

No, everything other than the trajectory worked just fine, including the VD. The waypoints on VD were moving as they should, just the vertical trajectory was freezed.

And the line after PD030 was missing as well, as you can see from the screenshot. No matter how I changed the V/S, the trajectory always had the same inclination.

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This bug report is logged. Thanks for the heads up.