VC25 Air-to-air Refueling

Global is coming & so is full burn. The VC25 can carry much more fuel than other 747s but it also has Air-to-air refueling. We are getting the DC10 & hopefully the KC10 so I hope we get this added.


I think Air- Air refuelling is not a good idea in infinite flight.

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air to air refueling would be insanely wicked 😍

but probably another 3 years in the making 😭

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This would be really cool. However, I don’t see it happening. For starters, you would need two aircraft with two seperate pilots in order to make this happen, and without proper communication, this manouver would be pretty hard to do.

I can see how this could be a problem on ts 1 with some not as experienced players

Great idea that would be quite fun to try a few times, however, there is an issue with the fact that whenever you fly up close to another airplane online, there is a lag every second or so where the aircraft you are following can make unexpected turns or change pitch. Until that lag issue is resolved at all (if it can be) I don’t think this will ever be possible.

That would be fun actually! Is it really possible to make it work in IF?

I hope features like this is only limited to the Expert Server.

So you need to be on Expert (Grade 3+) to preform this stunt.