VC-25 Range

Can anyone here give me a rough estimate of how far a VC-25 Could fly on a full load of fuel, with no cargo and no passengers. Since Aerial refuelling is available with the VC-25, how far could one theoretically go in terms of equatorial circumnvigations, assuming that every possible measure is taken to maximise range (step climbing, maximising tailwind, minimising headwinds etc). I’m asking because I’m thinking of planning an ultra endurance race event, involving circumanavigating the globe at the equator two times. Is this even possible?


If you can get a reafuler every time it runs low, it can fly a long time,it is simlar to a 747-200, but it may be more, or less after the mods done to it…


If its accurate, a google search can provide an answer

Isn’t there a limit placed on aerial refuelling? It’s three full tanks if I remember correctly.

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The range of the VC-25 is 6,800nm (7,800mi/13,000km). The equator is about 40,000km long. So depending on your winds, you would need to refuel 3 times.

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If I recall range is 8,000 miles however, there are too many variables that come into play. Also, you can “assume” all measures are taken but that’s far from what happens IRL.

But is that range for a VC-25 fully loaded with fuel at MTOW. I’m looking for a range figure which assumes a full load of fuel, and nothing else. Would it be much different? Has anyone already done something similar in IF?

Yes. A VC-25 with full fuel can fly 6,800nm. If you are lucky with the winds, you will need to refuel 2 times. But to be safe, refuel 3 times.

That may be true… So not forever

Also, please note you can aerial refuel a maximum of 3 times in one session.

But doesn’t the C17 have a longer range and aerial refueling…?

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