Vaughn College Tour (Flight School)

I had an amazing time during the open house by Vaughn College. Their staff and faculty is very nice and answered the few questions I asked. They opened my future for becoming a pilot. (04 was closed that day).


That looks like an awesome experience! And then there is LaGarbage Airport…


Haha, it’s beautiful in my eyes

Looks cool, I’ve seen this place when spotting, the sims looks amazing!

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Fun fact, I was gonna go to this school to be an Aeronautical Engineer, but I switched to Computer Science and went to FDU Maduson instead.

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not to be a party pooper, but I know someone that goes there and they specifically said that they wish they never went there. According to them, it is extremely overpriced for a limited experience and education. The tuition and flight lessons are separate costs. They pulled out after only a semester there. Hey, I’m not telling you what to do, you do you, but be careful.


Thanks for the heads up, duly noted.


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