Vaughn College Class of 2023 - Acceptance

Hello fellow IFC Members!

Today, I secured my deposit to attend Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, in New York City. After much deliberation between New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering and Vaughn, I have gone with Vaughn to pursue my 4-year college degree, primarily for obvious financial reasons. After financial aid, I estimated NYU’s cost to be 55,000 USD per college year, while at Vaughn, my cost would 8,000 USD per college year. Given that I would be going on to graduate studies, it was decided that money would be better spent at Vaughn.

Vaughn College of Aeronautics is a private college adjacent to New York’s LaGuardia Airport specializing in aviation studies, engineering, and technologies. I have decided to major in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus on ‘Aeronautical’. I hope this college education puts me one step forward to a bright future ahead of me.

Is anyone else going to, or currently attending Vaughn College? Let me know below :)



I want to go there

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Good luck friend.


I was deciding between Vaughn and Embry Riddle but I ultimately decided on Embry Riddle. Good luck 👍🏼


All the best @Transport_Hub!

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I met a physics professor while volunteering in Hempstead. Next time you go there, ask to meet Robert. (No last name given cause privacy). Tell him that I told you to meet him.

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Wow, universities are very expensive in the USA.


What aircraft does this college use? I’ll have to look at this one possibly.

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Best of luck on your college path.
Any specific careers you are looking into following college?

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I will probaly do that too, BTW, can I get my PPL and hours while at the school in the tuition?

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I signed up for Nassau county BOCES for aviation, to get my PPL in senior year

Indeed they are, unfortunately.

Will do :)

I believe they do their flight training over at Farmingdale or another airport. I do know that they have a few simulators, including the CRJ-200 simulator on campus.

Any engineering remotely associated with aviation.

Thanks for the support everyone!


¡buena suerte hub de transport!

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Congrats my dude. Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun.


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Hello! I would like to know if you can graduate as a pilot in this college. I mean is there a career of pilot? and, 8,000 USD was because you recieved a special discount or scholarship?

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Congrats! I was also looking here too! Best of luck my friend.

I’m not going I sure how that works. I think it’s possible, but I won’t say it’s a no.

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Copy and pasted from this thread

not to be a party pooper, but I know someone that goes there and they specifically said that they wish they never went there. According to them, it is extremely overpriced for a limited experience and education. The tuition and flight lessons are separate costs. They pulled out after only a semester there. Hey, I’m not telling you what to do, you do you, but be careful


I would recomme

I would recommend contacting the college for this info, as I do not know.


I recieved $18,000 per year as scholarship solely based on merit.

I do know that Vaughn has been under a lot of negative light recently, however, I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering, not as a pilot :)

With this said, I will keep you posted on how the experience goes as an Engineering student so prospective students can make a good decision.


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