VATC VO Verification

Hello IFC,

I currently run a VO that provides VATC but we are not verified because apparently, they are banned after IFATS (an old VATC Verified server) shut down.

I was wondering if there is a rule book somewhere for VOs and VAs so I can find this rule?
Also, is it possible to advertise a non verified VO?

Samuel R

Hi there Samuel,

Here is something taken from the IFVARB Website in regards to ”Advertising without being verified”

Personal message the responsible Administrator on the Infinite Flight Community and they will be happy to look into it for you. Please do not inquire directly on the thread as it creates unnecessary clutter.

Now, as far as VATC there is something called IFATC and TSATC. In a way, they are very similar to VATC and cover both Training and Expert Server. My guess is that they don’t allow VATC as it will be ”Unnecessary.” This is just my guess and I could be completely wrong but I hope this helps a bit!

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I believe VATC (voice ATC) is only allowed to be used by one VA - BAVA. I assume this has something to do with the qualification of VATC controllers and the ability to maintain good airmanship while communicating via VATC.

Ah I see, well we will just have to wait and see what happens from here.

I was under the impression that no-one was allowed to have it included in their VO/VA? Thanks for the help

Thanks for the help. I’ll have a look

Can admin close pls

Flagged for you should be closed soon

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