VASP McDonnell Douglas MD-11

A VASP MD-11 (PP-SOW) seen at Zurich in 1997. Photo credit.

A simple and elegant design that goes very well on the MD-11. VASP operated a fleet of 10 MD-11s between 1992 and 1998 and flew them to some interesting destinations besides your typical KLAX or KJFK, such as EBBR, LSZH and even RJBB (probably via KLAX)!

A little bit about VASP

VASP was a Brazilian airline based in São Paulo at SBSP (and later SBGR too) that was founded in 1933, ceased operations in 2005 and declared bankruptcy in 2008. It operated a wide variety of planes trough its lifetime, such as the Vickers Viscount, the NAMC YS-11 (known there as “Samurai”), the 727-200, the 737-200 and, of course, the MD-11. You can find more about them in Wikipedia (as always).

A little bit about the MD-11

The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is a widebody airliner developed by, well, McDonnell Douglas as an evolution (a 2nd generation) of the DC-10. It can be powered by PW4000s or CF6-80 engines, features a stretched fuselage, smaller horizontal stabilizers and winglets on the wingtips, as well as a glass cockpit and removes the Flight Engineer. It first flew in 1990 and entered service with Finnair in the same year. KLM flew the last pax flight in 2014 and now only cargo units (or converted units) remain in service. You can find more about it in Wikipedia (as always).

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