VASI (Visual Approach Slope Indicator System )

Just an add-on .

Just to make it more realistic… :)


I’m very certain we have these.

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I’m pretty certain we don’t, considering IF only has two lights (one red, one white) in a PAPI-esque configuration. Considering the similar purpose of PAPI and VASI, I’d say what we have now is sufficient despite not looking 100% accurate.

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Nice request but first people need to know how to understand the system

It’s just a advice that IFC dev can consider for future developments after all the global work is done …

Aren’t these also called papi light, I may be wrong though

PAPI lights and VASI lights are sort of the same but PAPI’s provide more slope precision for the approach AFAIK.

Two different systems

Ok, thank you for clearing that up 👍🏼

We have a mix between a PAPI and a VASI at the moment.

I’d like to see the correct light formations: four light PAPI or the 2 x 2 VASI implemented on the correct runways.

There’s other similar open discussions on the threads, under the PAPI title I believe

On the airport editing side of things, as we edit we are ensuring that the correct lighting such as PAPI and VASI are placed correctly and the glide slope as specified through the airport information that we have on hand. Not sure if the physical looks of it will transfer over but I can tell you that I have added both VASI and PAPI systems on airports that I have edited.

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Yes, this has already been implicated. This topic should be closed