VASI not consistent with glide slope indicator

Hey all. I’ve been flying IF on and off for years but just recently started flying online and getting serious about improving my skills. One thing I’ve noticed while doing pattern work and landings at my local non-towered airport (KAUN) is that while I’m dead-on glide slope as indicated by the glide slope indicator on the HUD, the runway VASI lights always show me as high. Is this normal behavior (both in IF as well as real world for you actual pilots out there), and if so which one is accurate?

Thanks. Really enjoying IF and thinking seriously about pursuing my private pilot. That’s if I can get the better half to eventually agree to it! 😬

Auburn, CA


Hello Ranchracer,

Are you by chance landing on runway 25? IF Airports with GPS approaches has a standard 3* glide slope unless otherwise noted in real world charts, as opposed to the VASI on runway 25 which has a 3.5* slope. Runway 25 seems to not have a published GPS approach at KAUN, which will make it have a standard 3* slope so I think that may be the issue. If it is runway 7, I’m not sure what to do about that, and I think that might be something to ask the Airport Editing Team.

Yep, runway 25! Thanks for the explanation Ace. That completely clears it up and makes sense. 😁👍

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Oh and I also just learned that KAUN has a PAPI as opposed to a VASI light system. Learning new stuff every day. 🙂

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