VAs to get into, please help me!

I need help to find the right VA for me. I have already gotten into some, and rejected by some too. Here’s my list:

  1. Southwest VA
  2. Alaska VA (Checked)
  3. United VA (Rejected)
  4. Air Canada VA ( not applied yet)

I’m in Alaska VA, I’m applying currently for Southwest VA.

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No, I need help choosing!

Well, what exactly are you looking for, could you give some descriptives? Such as type of environment, aircraft, etc.


I want like 737s, 787s if I’m lucky, a Canadian one, American west coast, or Hawaiian one. Maybe more if I can think of them.

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Then look through the list of VA’s and find one that has 737’s & 787’s in their fleet.

Other than the link I provided, I don’t see how else we can help. It’s personal choice 🙂


I already did, I just need help choosing.

VA choice should be made sololey based on what you offer for them and what you get in return so it’s fun partnership. I don’t pick VA sololey to put tag behind my name.


If you’re looking for 737s and 787s, Norwegian Virtual is your place to go :)


737 and 787, LOT VA also seems close ;)

That seems like good advice. That would make it:

  1. SWVA
  2. ASVA (in already)
  3. Hawaiian VA (I don’t know if there is one, if there is, please give me the link)
  4. Aviation Airways VA
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Unfortunately, there no longer is one, Hawaiian was not to happy to have a VA represent them in Infinite Flight so they sent a bit of a harsh letter over our way.

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Really? Hawaiian airlines doesn’t like VAs of them!

I might go apply for aviation air va now.

Wow, sounds a little sad. Hopefully you get to be CEO one day :)
If you can say, what was so harsh about the letter?

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Sorry, by our way I meant Infinite Flight, I think I heard that they didn’t want their logos being used, a copyright issue essentially.

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Yeah, I want to know. Applying for Aviation air va now!

Applyed, anything else, or is 3 VAs enough?

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Three VAs is more than enough in my opinion.
I’m only a part of Southwest Virtual.