VAs that use discord

AZVA (Alitalia Virtual airlines) uses discord ;)

Great Lakes Virtual uses Discord.


ANA Virtual uses discord. Our primary deciding factor was that Slack Terms Of Service states that you must be 16 in order to use it, which many pilots on the IFC are not, and so we didn’t want to cut all those people out. Also a lot of the staff there is under 16.

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The VPAG uses discord as well especially for ATC during flights and to create a family type atmosphere for our members. And Discord is better organized in my opinion.

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Infinite Airlines Virtual use Discord, if you’re interested

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Well since no one has done it, as most of us are advertising our wonderful VA’s 😂
Allow me to refer you to the database where you’ll be able to browse and see what each of our VA’s and VO’s have to offer and how they operate.

USCG VA uses Discord

Qatar Airways VA and IFSP use discord. If own both

Why not. Who says I cant


And no Qatar Airways VA have closed down. I app,ied and they said they would respond within 48grs. They never responded. They’re closed

Well how do they control my VA

They moderate VA activities on the forum.

We have a IFVARB regulatory board. You are not allowed to create a VA without going through them, and you are also not allowed to be CEO of more than one VA. You can’t advertise your VA through the IFC without going through them.
Refer to this thread:

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If it is for you and your friends, you may not talk about it on the IFC as it would be against the rules. You also can not ask people to join on the IFC.

The reservation list clearly states that Qatar VA is reserved, someone is already working on it.

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Guys, this is not the place to discuss this sort of thing, please take it to a PM. Thanks.

Who else would it be?..
Please, don’t make an argument about this, if you don’t go through them you can’t promote your VA on the IFC. You can make one for just you and your friends, but you can’t advertise it here.
Qatar VA and Qatar Airways are the same thing. PLEASE go and read the thread I sent you. If you have any questions, continue this with an IFVARB board member.

They are the exact same thing.

Does not matter…it’s still too similar. It’s against the rules regardless

Okay folks, I think we have strayed pretty far away from the original discussion. All of you may feel free to create a dm with me or post on the official feedback thread of the VARB to discuss the points you are bringing up and any questions you may have regarding the VARB, but this is not the place for it. Let’s get back to discussing the OP’s question.