VAs that fly crj

And just as a note you cant fly all American CRJ 900 routes in BAVA routes only those who are codeshares :)

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I know nonstop virtual has a lot of CRJ900 routes :) plus theres BAVA and DLVA :) .

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ACVA (Air Canada Virtual) also has the CRJ in their fleet

American Virtual (AAVA) operates all versions of the CRJ, excluding the CRJ1000 which is not used by any airline in America. All new hire pilots are eligible to fly the CRJ immediately after joining, as the CRJ is unlocked at the lowest rank. AAVA operates over 450 unique routes on the CRJ across America. It’s a tricky but fun aircraft to fly!


Our friends over at SASVA operate it


As @Dylan_T stated, AAVA will most likely have more CRJ 900 routes than BAVA. It just boils down to which VA you prefer :)

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How do I apply for AAVA?

Here’s the link for AAVA :)

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I know for certain that AAVA, AFKLM, and DLVA do.

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Wow AAVA had a test lol 😱

Same with BAVA ;)

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Join DLVA 😊

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Im in! Is DLVA a hard test? Im in Ground school in rl and I still missed a few questions but managed to pass with an 80% 😮

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Future reference to those who continue to push a user towards joining a certain VA…

Since advertising your VA anywhere else besides the main VA thread, website and social media is prohibited, you should just direct the user to the VAs database where they can see all VAs. That way they can look at the fleet page of each of the websites and see which VA fits them best. This isn’t an advertisements competition thread here…


Sas virutal flys the 900 regualry

Binter virtual fly the crj1000 in the canary Islands, and also Spain, western Africa, Portugal and more. Send @AH_aviation if your interested!

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i agree with you. people can’t understand and still do the advertisement.

Not necessarily, I passed the first time I took it.

SAS do operate the CRJ-900
Binter do only have the CRJ-1K to my knowledge

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