VA's that aren't taken

But didnt they stop?

No, the owner made a new website but there’s no love in it, only one route that pisses me off because I’d love to join a Lufthansa VA but it’s really bad

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Exactly thats why I am more interested in a Cargo VA

Aeroflot VA is taken and has already 9 pilots

I hope Air Koryo gets added… 😂


Exactly what I would love to manage

well that’s why we have a separate VA category, so people who are not interested in VAs can ‘mute’ it and not see all the interesting discussions :-)

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I don’t think Us Airways isn’t an airliner anymore and Aeromexico isn’t taken

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Aeromexico is taken

I was going to do Norwegian for my new VA but not enough aircraft so chose JAL instead. So JAL is taken as well

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not all airlines have hundreds of different types. Some of the most successful only have one type!!

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Qatar is owned by @Rexton

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US Airways doesn’t exits in real life. It has merged with American Airlines

yes please

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lol Im thinking about starting a Norwegian VA when global comes out :)

What is this whole thing with just one VA per airline? I’m not into VA’s so who am I, but why can only 1 person claim an airline. Well, whatever you guys want I guess.

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Lufthansa is taken

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