VA's that aren't taken

VA’s that aren’t taken
Vietnam Airlines
China Southern
China Airlines
Azerbajian Airlines



CEO what???

Aren’t you the president of KLM?

This guys isn’t getting anyways tbh

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Qatar Airways is taken
Lufthansa is taken
Aeroflot is taken


How about I repost this so it can be a wiki? Or can a mod change it? We could also put this on the VA Database.
#*Please see post #39 for updated list

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Don’t think Norwegian Air Shuttle is taken either?

If I Was in the market for starting a VA that’s the one that I would choose…

Base at Gatwick, B737 routes over London, Paris and Amsterdam regions, with B787 routes to New York, SoFlo and maybe the Caribbean?


Just start it :D

lol, am too busy at Qantas Virtual to start up my own! Also I certainly don’t have the IT expertise to make and run a good looking Website. I know how much hard work is involved in running a successful VA


ok but you’re like the only one with a realistic route system, almost every VA has unrealistic routes like Norwegian 737 in SoFlo…

Norwegian 787 in SoFlo would be ok…but a 737 is pushing the boundaries of reality a little bit!!

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Yeah and almost every VA has those unrealistc routes

yep that’s one reason I love QVA! I like to try and fly as realistic as I can (within the boundaries of the IF) and seeing a Ryan Air B787 in SoCal tends to spoil that a bit…


I have never seen a Ryan Air 787 before


lol…slight typo…meant a B737-8 !!

fat fingers on a keyboard!

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Scoot has been taken. (Scoot is a part of Singapore Airlines)

I’m getting sick of those VA’s.


I might restart lufthansa if it isnt taken…

It’s taken