Varunsehdev's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi Gents
I’m learning art of ATC and have applied for IFATC as well. I’m opening EDDF on TS and invite you to kindly spare some time for touch and go at EDDF. Hope to see you thr.
Last but not the least as I said I’m learning the art I request you to kindly tell my mistakes as well.


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Hey, I can’t join because I am flying.
Btw, this should be in ATC

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No worries

Are you still open?

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Yes still open

Yes IM still thr

Thanks for coming . Appreciate the same.

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Request to spare some time and kindly tell mistake done at my end.

Hey there @Varunsehdev !

Thanks for controlling me, I noticed there are some mistakes:

  • When you cleared me for takeoff you didn’t say for me to make left / right traffic.

  • And you cleared me to land, you were supposed to clear me for the option.

  • When you told Eurowings 132 to exit the runway you told him to expedite, that was unnecessary because there was no traffic.

Tip: Keep full attention to you’re device when you are controlling, don’t let anything distract you.


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Thanks for the same. For the 1st point you told me for the take off. Im not sure but it should be remaining in pattern. I may be wrong in this I saw your name after you did 1st landing.
Plz suggest.