Various Issues While Controlling On The Expert Server

I have came across 3 issues which has been occurring for about 2 months now (for me at least).The first issue is people were being handed off to me and the aircraft still showed that they are tuned into the approach frequency when in fact they were on my freq requesting inbound.
The second issue was that msgs were not showing up in the pilot logs for controllers when sending messages. So basically you would give a command to the pilot, but in the message log (under the flight strip) their read back would not be shown, or the pilot would be sending a command and the controller is unable to receive it and it would have the pilot waiting there for ages.
The last issue is pilots disappearing. Randomly all planes would disappear off the radar and it would throw us off big time, especially in busy airspaces. These are no new issues, and it happens to most if not all controllers.

This is bug/issue really deteriorates the quality of controlling on Expert server, especially in busy airspaces.

This happens after 20-30 minutes of controlling

Occurs on all frequencies (except ATIS💪)

Initially all planes on the radar would disappear for a few seconds then come back, and that is when the issue seems to be triggered

This is for IFATC who controls on Expert, I am not sure about training server

Device: iPad 6th generation (2018)
Operating system: iOS 15.5


Have all three issues above :( those issues have been happening many times before, not just to you or me; from what I can tell, it has happened and will keep happening to several controllers; it’s really degrading our ability to provide ATC service, and expectations fell short of our high service standards during experience on the Expert Server for pilots.

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