Various App crashes

Hey, just wanted to let you guys know I have experienced various inflight app crashes since the last update on my short haul flights. I’m running IF on a Huawei Tab M5, that runs Android 9 (EMUI 9.1.0).

Ps: I guess this comes because of the huge demand and load on the servers, just wanted to inform you in case it isn’t. Thanks btw for the update @devs!



Hey. This is a known issue and it’s due to the heavy server loads. It‘s being addressed and will be fixed soon

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I talked to a friend of mine a couple minutes ago, he says he’s also experiencing crashes sometimes. Samsung Galaxy s8

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my game just crashed. this is happening to me a lot since the last update

@DIEGO11, @Olivier999, @Calvin9201 these are known issue both in v19.4 and v20.1. Please allow the devs time to push out a fix and let the servers calm down. Thank you

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