Various Aircraft HUD Displays

Hey guys, what airplanes use HUDs besides the 737NG and I think the 787?

(Not my photo)

What are your opinions on the HUD? Do you like it or do you think its distracting?
Personally I think its very useful!


So the HUD is real after all. Which aircraft is the one featured?

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The Boeing 787.

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With one of those I could even land the aircraft.


Here is a picture.


I believe the current BBJs have them. I like em, but an experienced pilot wouldn’t need it.

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The a380 actually uses it.

Not my photo


A lot of aircraft now have them as an option. Airlines can choose to have them or not.

The jets have them.

Didn’t know that, I just thought they came with the plane if purchased.

The commonly equipped ones from the Boeing side are the 737 and 787. The Q400 can also have the HGS if the airline wants.


Here’s a picture of a 738’s HGS that I took, clearly showing the wonderful rose colored glass.


The a320 neon would be one

All Airbuses can be HUD-equipped to make it simple.

I forgot to add one thing, I actually find the HGS system quite distracting in real life. You can see the refresh rate (flicker) of the HGS which drives me absolutely nuts.

Haha, interesting I guess would be good for training but I feel like if I was experienced, like IceBlue said, I wouldn’t need it.

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Wether you need it or not, it’s SOP for takeoff and landing for many airlines.

Didn’t know that, I’ve really never seen a pilot use it in any takeoff or landing videos, whether it was in the 787 or 737NG, even the A380

I cannot land a plane without HUD… I think

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Q400 CAT IIIa approach with HGS. Q400 does not have full autoland, but is catiii certified due to the guidance provided in the HUD. Check it out.


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