VARIG McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (Classic Livery)

That one airline every Brazilian born before 2000 or every Brazilian AvGeek knows. Although there is a topic about this, I want a diferent livery, the beautiful classic 1962 one, not the 1996 one. Also I can’t find any planes with the classic VARIG livery (Actually, the only VARIGs I found are the new 777-200ER and the VARIGLOG MD-11F)

Plenty of angles for the devs if this is ever added

It’s beautiful, but per #features rules, you can only have one picture


Hey @AvioesEJogos!
Should I flag this one?

Imagine not reading the guidelines

Didn’t know about that 😅

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idk, the topic is like 2 years old


The 2018 one was closed by Misha 3 minutes ago.

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