Varig McDonell Douglas MD-11 PP-VPN.

This MD-11, serial number 48499, and powered by 3xGeneral Electric CF6-80C2D1F, was delivered to its first operator, Garuda Indonesia, on December 31 of 1991 with registration EI-CDI.
Five years later, the aircraft operated for Varig, of Brazil, with the registration letters having been changed to PP-VPN.
PP-VPN went into storage in June 2004, two years before “Old” Varig ceased its operations.
The aircraft was then bought by Fedex, who converted it into an MD-11F freighter, now with the registration letters N574FE.
With more than 24 years over its back, this MD-11 still soldiers on with Fedex.


  1. McDonnell Douglas MD-11 - Garuda Indonesia | Aviation Photo #1091141 |
  2. File:McDonnell Douglas MD-11, Varig JP6539399.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
  3. N574FE FedEx Express McDonnell Douglas MD-11(F) Photo by Wong Chi-Lam | ID 305675 |

When is FedEx going to lay those MD-11’s to rest???

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They´ll squeeze every single penny this plane can make, and then they´ll use the B777 in more quantities.
Wild guessing.


Not soon. Don’t count on seeing them leave in droves until at least the DC-10s are out


Or at least when they run out of spares for the DC-10s/MD-11s.

They are some planes which such a long life. Its amazing how much years can they get.


If they are properly mantained, they may last 20 years more.

Much more than that. We could be looking at 40-50 years

I don’t think so, if lack of spares doesn’t ground them first, the arrival of more profitable aircraft will.

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They could go up to that amount. Usually airlines keep them for 15-20 years and theyn they sell them to cargo or charter airlines which keep them for about that time too.

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Hope FedEx plane to fly these beasts into Stansted for years to come.

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How come the MD-11s and DC-10s continue on as freighters but the L1011 never made it past the 90’s?

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I think the L-1011 came after the first two, so it didn’ t have market share.

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The MD-10 is also a great aircraft. A DC-10 with an MD-11 cockpit. So those aircraft are even older! ;)

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