Varig Log Memories

Even with the varig livery coming to the 777 rework what about the one in the md11 sure it’s a cargo but it sure looks nice or a Brazilian airliner
Flight Time:1:41
Aircraft:McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (Varig Log)

Anyway what you think about the photos I’ve done and about varig


Here’s the Varig 777 that would look like in the rework if you haven’t seen it

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I actually forgot that the MD-11 Livery was in game…


eh normally people will use the livery if the airline is still alive if not ceased operations

That’s me 😳

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Alright then anyway thanks for coming

Great shots! I don’t even know the livery was already in the game.

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Those are really good shots! Such a nice livery!

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Great shots, I like this aircraft and livery!

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Same but sure it looks nice

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