VARIG Brazil to Tokyo Question

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With our schedule taking us to Brazil, I had an interest in doing this route above. It’s a unique route that takes you across from South America to Asia via North America. However, I am having trouble finding the realistic departure and arrival times, specifically for the SBGR-KLAX leg. Does anyone know the correct scheduled departure and arrival times for each leg.

I have found this article on the KLAX-RJAA sector, but it doesn’t give the timing for the first leg:

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Are you flying with multiple airlines?

This may not be much help but the routing is SBGR-KLAX-RJAA, not SBGL

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No, it’s a direct flight on board VARIG that makes a stopover in KLAX

Okay that makes sense, it may be difficult to find because I think Varig was suspended from services. Don’t think they fly in our skies anymore.

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They were later implemented into GOL

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I have found yet another source that gives some more specific times, but still, no times into and out of LAX:

Best of luck finding the times, this route ended late 2005 and I can’t find any departure times between Los Angeles and Tokyo.

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Look through this 10 page timetable of their 1998 schedule. I’m going through it, will let you know if there’s anything.


So… here’s this:


This is Sao Paulo to Los Angeles. I can’t seem to find the Sao Paulo to LAX to Tokyo sector, but I think this schedule makes sense. The aircraft departs Sao Paulo at night and arrives in LAX at 7:00 AM. This prepares the aircraft for the 9:50 AM departure from LAX to Tokyo.



I think i found it. 10:40 departure from LAX


Yep, was just about to reply that as well!

Thanks so much for this help! 😁

I believe this can now be closed as well

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