Varig Brasil Boeing 757-200

If i see a bralizian livery request i’ll definitely support. Vamo que vamo!


Beautiful livery! I’ll clear a vote for this! Vai Brasil!


So this got attention beyond my expectation from when I made the topic.

Lets get this into the game shall we?


Lets go!!!



30 votes, nice to see people supporting this painting.


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Sorry, but don’t tag staff to ask for the livery. The liveries are already decided and they are just going to stay mad at you.

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I’m sorry I didn’t know

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Don’t worry 🙂

Come on, let’s keep voting and commenting to make the topic active! This livery really deserves to come in the next update. It has passed 30 votes, but I think we can go further!

I am very anxious!

I want to see this too, man

The largest and only airline that Brazil has ever owned. That is why we ask for vows, it is still present in our hearts today. It will be incredible to make regional flights with this beautiful livery, even more following the timetable of this giant company

"Star of the Americas in a blue sky. Illuminating from north to south…Varig Varig Varig"🎶😭❤