Varig Brasil Boeing 757-200

Hey everyone! Hope you’re well.

The other day I was researching for an upcoming event that involved Varig. Once trying to look for the routes of the airline, I had stumbled upon a livery that pleased my eyes. Once researching even further, I had found that this livery and aircraft would be perfect for some of the higher demand routes from Brazil to larger cities across South America like Lima, Caracas, Buenos Aires, etc. and maybe pleasing some of the Brazilian community even more.


Operating History

Delivered to Iberia in April of 1999
Transferred to Varig in September of 2004
Given to KrasAir in November of 2006
Given to I-Fly in December of 2009
Transferred to Icelandair in October of 2015

What do you think?

It would be a great addition, once the 757 gets a rework!


if only this livery had winglets

What’s wrong with no winglets?

there is nothing wrong, i like the 757 with wiglets thats all

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Fair. I prefer no winglets but your opinion, I guess.

We’ve got the Varig 777… Why not have this too? 🙃

I think we have to wait for the 757 rework, its hard to fly the 757 on IF :(