Varig Brasil 777-200ER


Hello !

I am here to present a resource for the simulator, the 777-200ER of VARIG, many people did not see or do not know that Varig already operated the 777, and a good painting and one of the most beautiful paintings that has ever been in the sky in Brazil and in the United States . as many people know, Varig no longer exists, having closed operations in 2006 and was bought by Gol. Please if you liked this feature Give your vote . thank you ! :)
Varig the Brazilian star in the blue sky!

Manufacturer: Boeing
Registration: PP-VRB


I hope this is on the simulator one day! ✳️


A beautiful painting, I hope to fly one of this in the IF some. Day


I hope so too …


I love Varig, +1 vote!


O want this


I would like to fly on this aircraft with this painting, hopefully it will come in a future update


Many thanks to all of you for the support ! πŸ˜‰


I hope one day that livery is in the skies in Infinite flighit .


this Varig painting is very beautiful, 1+ vote πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”


Varig is lacking, it was the best company in South America until its end, it was a great example of professionalism.


12 Votes Wow ✳️


It will be a great addition to the B777 rework. πŸ™‚


Truth ! a beautiful painting that can be added. 😁


it would be a dream to have a Varig aircraft along with the MD11 and to have a Virtua airlines from Varig


I discovered that this aircraft still flies as OE-LPF in the Austrian


I hope you realize that this livery has an immense historical weight, not only for Brazilian aviation, but for world aviation!

I hope to see her crossing the skies soon!
β€œCome fly with Varig!”


What a pity that this Star will never come back …


Too bad, though, maybe we can see her flying in the virtual skies of the IF one day


see this brings me much nostalgia, same the Varig having bankrupted two years after I was born :P