Varig Brasil 777-200ER


Hello !

I am here to present a resource for the simulator, the 777-200ER of VARIG, many people did not see or do not know that Varig already operated the 777, and a good painting and one of the most beautiful paintings that has ever been in the sky in Brazil and in the United States . as many people know, Varig no longer exists, having closed operations in 2006 and was bought by Gol. Please if you liked this feature Give your vote . thank you ! :)
Varig the Brazilian star in the blue sky!

Manufacturer: Boeing
Registration: PP-VRB


I hope this is on the simulator one day! ✳️


A beautiful painting, I hope to fly one of this in the IF some. Day


I hope so too …


I love Varig, +1 vote!


O want this


I would like to fly on this aircraft with this painting, hopefully it will come in a future update


Many thanks to all of you for the support ! 😉


I hope one day that livery is in the skies in Infinite flighit .


this Varig painting is very beautiful, 1+ vote 🔝🔝🔝


Varig is lacking, it was the best company in South America until its end, it was a great example of professionalism.


12 Votes Wow ✳️


It will be a great addition to the B777 rework. 🙂


Truth ! a beautiful painting that can be added. 😁


it would be a dream to have a Varig aircraft along with the MD11 and to have a Virtua airlines from Varig


I discovered that this aircraft still flies as OE-LPF in the Austrian