Varig Airlines - MD-11 | Star Alliance Livery

PC: Ralph Duenas -

Varig Airlines - Star Alliance Livery:

Varig Airlines was an international airline that was based out of Brazil from 1927-2006. Varig is now part of Gol Airlines in Brazil.

Out of the 26 MD-11’s that they owned, one of them was dressed in the Star Alliance Livery.

About Star Alliance:

Star Alliance is one of the world’s largest global airline alliances. Star Alliance’s 27 member airlines operate a fleet of approximately 4,657 aircraft, serve more than 1,330 airports in 192 countries and carry 641.1 million passengers per year on more than 18,500 daily departures. (Wikipedia)

My Opinion:

I would love to see a star alliance livery on a MD-11 as they are gorgeous and it would help the Virtual Alliances in IF. We also dont have any Varig Liveries currently in IF.

Normal Varig Livery Request: Varig MD-11 (Billboard Letters)

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It’s a very nice airplane, hope to see it on Infinite Flight 😁, unfortunately I’m out of votes 😞


It is a nice livery! Unfortunately I can’t vote due to my limit. I’ll try to unvote something for this


Thanks for the support for this livery everyone! :)


It would be nice to see an Star Alliance MD-11.


It really would… Especially on a trijet!! 😀

Im glad that the Latin American Community is in support for this! :)


Bumping this in a final push for a Star Alliance Livery! :)


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