Varig Airlines Boeing 747-400

Varig was an important Brazilian airline that was internationally recognized for its services and was the only Brazilian carrier of the 747 (if I am not mistaken)

I think we have a chance to see the varig 747 flying around since we had the addition of the Varig MD-11F


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I closed the old feature request for this. Good luck ;)


Thank you very much, I hope to get this resource for the infinite flight as soon as possible.


I do not know why you want this, this company does not work anymore, I know you can say that there is a problem because it goes in the list of old aircraft, I would say, if it was a 747-200, that’s fine, but I do not know 747-400 if it is very important, but anyway everyone has the right to ask for anything, this was just my opinion

is a beautiful painting, hope to see this in the skies of Infinite, won my vote!

really the varig used the 747-200 will make a topic for him too, plus the issue of 747-400 and the greater autonomy of flight


I don’t understand why people want a spitfire rework 🤷 they don’t operate anymore except from in rare circumstances…

Just because an aircraft doesn’t operate anymore doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in the sim. Look at all the older aircraft that have older liveries… They don’t fly anymore do they?

Might be your opinion, but sometimes it’s best not shared 🙃

sharing an opinion does not mean that I’m being bad with the person, I’m just telling him what I think, sometimes when we post things here it’s to have support from some people and listen to those who have an opinion, so I could not understand the message That you sent and it seemed rude to me.

Hope to see this livery in the future! :D

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