Varig 777-200ER (75 years anniversary livery)

Hello IFC members! I’m here again to propose this feature for Infinite Flight.

I, as a Brazilian, would like to see more national liverys on Infinte Flight, I am very motivated since it was recently announced that there would be a rework of the Boeing 777, so there are good possibilities for this proposal to really reach the Infinte Flight Community.

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# About Varig

Varig Airlines was founded way back in 1927, as Brazil’s oldest airline. The flag carrier for the country for nearly 80 years, it met its tragic ending in 2006. Varig is to this day considered one of Brazil’s most traditional companies.

# About the livery

The special livery launched in 2002 along with the airlines first 777s celebrated the airlines 75 years of service. Aircraft with this livery stayed in service until 2006 (along with the airlines bankruptcy).

I hope we can see this beautiful livery soon on Infinite Flight.

Already have a topic with many votes requesting this livery, please remove that topic

No no. This is another livery.

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One more vote!

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Thanks, Best Regards for You.

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