Varig 747-400

This was Brazil’s first airline, but unfortunately they’ve gone bankrupt long time ago. I love this picture with it on the Kai Tak approach :)


Look 👀 nice I love the livery like these one ☝️

So do you like the aircraft or Kai Tak or the photo ? Or the livery ? Or is this just a post to push your tier?

@Kyle.Plane is already a regular…

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Dude I’m already a Regular. I like the livery, but also the photo.

We do need more historical liveries and airlines

Ok, thanks for info :)
See you in live

Geez, what’s this all about? You might want to calm down before you even think about saying things like that.

Never knew they operated flights to Hong Kong…nice livery anyway.

Oh so nice approach so nice photo and awesome airplane .